Collection programs PGWare (30.05.2011)


Collection programs PGWare (30.05.2011) | 21,62 MB

Collection programs PGWare (latest versions) Release: 30.05.2011 includes the latest versions, with the latest updates on May 30, 2011 from the developer PGWare. Programs are designed to perform a huge number of tasks: setting the parameters and optimization of Windows, internet connection, manage your system memory, and many others.

GameGain – A small utility to configure the PC, which frees up some system resources for a specific application and thus improve its performance. The program is easy to use, simple and intuitive interface, compatible with all versions of Windows, allows you to directly modify the registry, can automatically display the correct settings, etc.

PCBoost – An application that allows you to optimize your computer\’s performance and make it run faster! PCBoost is a program that allows you to run programs much faster. PCBoost virtually no effort, it is easy to optimize programs and games that makes them run faster so there is no need to buy a new computer. Many programs and games often use a minimal amount of CPU power which often leads to a simple processor. PCBoost uses this by allocating more CPU power for the currently active programs and games. All this is done automatically without you.

PCMedik – A tool designed to configure and optimize Windows. Only required to specify the operating system, the manufacturer of the processor (Intel, AMD), and click \”GO\”. After applying PCMedik performance of applications in a Windows environment increase significantly.

SuperRam – A tool for optimizing and managing computer memory. Work with the program is simple – to cope with it even the person who had never worked with such utilities. You will only need to choose amount of memory that will be used and the amount that should be released, and then click \”OK.\” The rest will SuperRam. Effect, as the creators say the program will be evident immediately – to express it, of course, primarily in the performance of the program, which until then could \”slow down\”. In addition, the program will always show you the graph, which shows how much memory is used, and – time.

Throttle – A utility designed to configure your modem for maximum performance, as a result may lead to more than 200-percent increase in speed. You just choose your OS, connection type (14.4/28.8/33.6/56k, cable modem, DSL / ADSL modem, ISDN, Satellite, T1/T3/OC3/OC12 +, LAN) and click on Go. The program will do the rest! As the developers, the program will change a number of key parameters of the modem, for example, improve the definition of a busy signal, reduce the number of breakages of communication, etc. The program works with all types of modems under all operating systems Windows.

GameBoost – Setup your computer to its best performance during games and surfing the Internet. GameBoost is based on software GameGain and Throttle. A utility that optimizes your computer for maximum performance for online gaming and Internet connection. Made changes to the registry and system files to enhance memory performance, image rendering, animation, speed Internet connections. All changes are made in accordance with the operating system and the type of Internet connection.

The composition of the collection:
– GameGain
– PCBoost
– PCMedik
– SuperRam
– Throttle
– GameBoost

Latest Update: 30.05.2011:
– Fixed problem with the 30 day trial limit that was removed last week, some code remained which cause the software to still timeout immediately after install on systems that had previous expired versions installed.

Operating system: Windows ® 2000/XP/Vista/7
Released: 2011
Version: Collection PGWare [Release: 30.05.2011]
Language: English
Medicine: Present
Size: 21.62 MB

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